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Mindful Dog Training in Columbia, SC

a fresh start for a healing relationship

customized dog training program based on relationship + trust building for stress-free training that heals emotional, mental, physical well-being for people + pet with a holistic approach to help you and your dog find peace both together and apart

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it's easy as 1, 2, 3




What The Humans in Columbia, SC Are Saying


the registration process helps us to assess you & your dog to align our goals & ensure you select the appropriate program for you



Training Programs are tailored based on dogs history // genetics // learning environment // personality // skill level // and built on owners needs gathered through the registration process. you may choose to have a  Private or Group obedience training session for hands on help or implement the plan on your own with online support from a certified dog trainer via video conferencing, email, text, or phone


All dog training plans include simple solutions to complex challenges and problem behaviors with structured step-by-step training for streamlined communication and caretaking for your dog with a holistic approach  

Dog training is a lifelong journey and we are here every step of the way. Our guide helps set you and your dog up for success to navigate any challenging circumstances that come your way. We find accountability groups increase your chances of success & optimize results! By joining and meeting other dog lovers within the community you can not only allow your dog to socialize in a safe environment with other dogs but you can find support from other caretakers. Taking a moment to give back to the owner is just as important to us as supporting your dog. For our dog training in Columbia, SC we have hosted classes at the State House and Steel Hands Brewery for dog lovers to meet and connect

Our programs have mindfulness practices for both people and dogs for emotional, mental, and physical well-being and equilibrium whether you and your dog are together or apart


Dog Training in Columbia, SC

Training Program  for Locals in Columbia, SC

a program that unleashes your (+ your dogs) potential for a happy healthy life

nutrition, step-by-step obedience training, mental & physical stimulation Plans

tailored specifically for your dog

an assigned dog expert mentor that optimizes results along the way

a network of human and dog friends to socialize with in columbia, sc

Emotional regulation technique for dog and dog lover

Dog Training in Columbia, SC Leash Training
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Happy Puppy

online training

Yorkshire Terrier

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Mindful Dog Training  in Columbia, SC A-La- Carte Services

Dog Training in Columbia, SC
“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”
- Orphan Pamuk, Nobel Prize for Literature, 2006

Lady and Jackie's Success Story

dog training success testimonial

Lady was diagnosed with a fatal cardiac disease – Congestive Heart Failure. A grueling statistic of 1-in-10 dogs suffers from some form of heart disease. She has three prescriptions to take each day -- a diuretic to remove excess fluid in tissues, an ace inhibitor to slow progression of heart failure, and a pimobendan to dilate the blood vessels. Not only did she struggle with physical health, but she had a slew of behaviorial problems such as fear-based aggression, leash reactivity with dogs and humans, anxiety, separation anxiety, and excessive chewing

In addition to medication, she followed our behavioral wellness plan with nutritional therapy, exercise, mental stimulation, obedience training, and trust building. At 5 years old, she has been stable and full of life for 11 months since diagnosis and significantly improved:

  • weight

  • energy

  • coat condition

  • reactivity & problem behaviors

  • leash walking

  • excessive chewing

Becks   and   Rachael's Success story

Becks photo.jpg

Becks barking has improved 86% due to your plan. He is also getting better with whining when we're getting ready to leave. I love how you gave me feedback for 3 different reasons as to why he could be barking/whining. I've been using treats to give him as soon as he stops and its lessened how long he barks and whines 

- Rachael T. Boston, MA


Whether you opt for in-person or online, you will receive advice anytime from a certified dog trainer. Connect with other dog owners within Columbia, SC

In-person is available currently for those seeking dog training in Columbia, SC. Online is offered to any other service area. Step-by-step instructions to implement daily habits that fulfill your dogs psychological needs & purpose
All methods we recommend follow the humane hierarchy of behavioral change. successfully modifying a dog’s behavior in the least intrusive minimally aversive way helps ensure dogs emotional and mental equilibrium is maintained

We do not condone the use of e-collar, choke, or prong/pinch collars as we see a displacement of aggressive feelings that can increase aggressive behavior in other areas of a dogs life and can cause anxiety which can manifest in excessive chewing, digging, leash reactivity, fear-based aggression, and separation anxiety

Our unique behavioral wellness programs are designed to address all of your dogs needs and will:

         Optimize emotional, mental, physical            health for you + your dog

         Socialize your dog safely & properly

         Nourish and fulfill your dogs needs 

Training isn't a one-time thing - it requires consistency and patience. That's why we provide the support you need and deserve to implement your wellness plan so that you can train your dog whenever, wherever. With our program, you will strengthen the trust your dog has in you and confidently lead them through life. Investing in a mindfulness solution optimizes your quality of life and elongates your life together

Force-Free Dog Training in Columbia, SC
Force-Free Leash Dog Training in Columbia, SC

Why become a member?

Discounts on services

access to member-only events

24/6 support on wellness programs

for your dog

Help your dog meet their needs & feel understood and protected from emotional distress. with our program, you'll understand your canines needs, how to read body language, and how to humanely modify behaviors you dislike for a symbiotic relationship in and out of the home


Above all, you'll give your dog the quality of life that they deserve by fulfilling their physical and emotional needs and practicing habits every day that will optimize their physical & brain health

for yourself

Humans and dogs benefit from dog training. canine-assisted therapy, particularly when working with a professional to complete a structured goal together have shown a reduction in aggressive behaviors, anxiety, posttraumatic stress symptoms (PTSD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


Strengthen your relationship with your dog and create a stress free environment together for lasting results for your own mental, physical  and emotional well-being

Take a moment to restore for yourself -- compassion fatigue takes a toll on all of us. Taking care of another species is a tireless job and if you aren't in an emotionally good headspace its difficult to give the love and support our dogs need from us.

Plus, you'll meet a bunch of other cool dog owners through the events we throw throughout the month.  join us for an event or a workshop!

for the community

Do it for a greater good. the movement for socially responsible dog owners starts with you. By learning canine behavior & implementing proper dog etiquette we can start to mitigate common problems with dogs as a nuisance in the community, alleviate aggression between dogs and humans, and facilitate better relationships


Behaviorial issues and aggression are some of the most common reasons for re-homing in shelters. the more room we have in shelters, the less free-roaming and feral dogs we have within the community - a major threat to our ecosystem as they prey on over 200 endangered species of birds

Make the pact to be a socially responsible dog owner

our dog   philosophy

the pact we've made

We believe its vitally important to learn the psychology, the emotions, and the why behind our dogs behavior


we'll map out the full story of your unique dog – your dogs experiences, genetics, nutrition and learning environment - everything thats shaped your one-of-a-kind dog - and give you a plan to support the best and least stressful solutions to optimize your dogs health

By working with you in our intake process, we diagnose behavioral problems at the root of them and through the holistic lens of a dogs entire emotional and physical being

A study of one is always the best approach to changing an individual dogs behavior

Join us in our pact to advocate for dogs by taking the time to understand every single one of our companions



We understand that there can be information overload and conflicting opinions on dog learning theory and implementing techniques on your own can be stressful and challenging

We want to give dog owners a stress -free experience when they embark on their journey with their dog. we do this by integrating methods into our training plans that help ease your mind. professional help is with you every step of the way until you and your dog have enough confidence to handle it on your own 


Training, after all, isn't a one-time thing - it requires consistency and patience. that's why we provide the support you deserve while you implement your wellness plan and access to our community to build relationship with other dog owners that can be there for you for the joys, pain and tribulations that come with dog ownership

our training approach

We believe creating a canine-human relationship built on positive interaction and consistency can deter and solve unwanted behavior problems and facilitate faster learning in dogs

We follow the lima framework. lima stands for least intrusive minimally aversive. lima requires trainers/consultants to work to increase the use of positive reinforcement and eliminate the use of punishment when working with animal and human clients

Positive reinforcement as a dog training technique has the lowest incidence of aggression, attention seeking, avoidance, and fear in dogs and is applied consistently to all dogs 





dog trainer and dog training in columbia, sc
Force-Free Recall Dog Training in Columbia SC

interested in collaborating for an event?

we would love to collaborate and promote local small businesses to dog lovers and owners.  email us at '

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