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why we care...

6.3 mil

companion animals enter animal shelters every year


companion animals

euthanized each year due to overcrowding of shelters


of animals are re-homed to a shelter due to aggression problems each year


of animals are re-homed to a shelter due to destructive behavior each year

we equip dog owners with knowledge so they are able to fix behavioral issues at the root of the problems. with a plan that helps dog owners navigate through problems proactively, we can cut down the number of re-homed animals each year 

we not only want to keep dogs out of shelters but also optimize each dogs quality of life by enhancing and maintaining brain health, ensuring physical wellness, providing the proper nourishment, and fulfilling their emotional needs. by being proactive in these areas, we can eliminate contributing factors to behavioral issues

a holistic dog training approach

sometimes the solution to the problem is the simplest. at the core of many problem behaviors is an insufficient diet/ physical exercise, and a mentally deteriorating brain. tsc provides actionable habits, goals, and obedience training techniques to build your dog to be mentally, physically, and emotionally fit all while they get their needs met.  obedience training, dog playdates, adding unpredictability into the schedule, & dog puzzles are all examples of ways to raise a well-rounded dog. when your dog is properly stimulated, they have less of a reason to go looking for trouble and misbehaving

humans and dogs benefit from dog training. canine-assisted therapy, particularly when working with a professional to complete a structured goal together have shown a reduction in aggressive behaviors, anxiety, posttraumatic stress symptoms (PTSD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings

we believe creating a canine-human relationship built on positive interaction and consistency through obedience training can deter future unwanted behavior problems, facilitate faster learning in dogs, solve existing behavioral challenges, and assist in the emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing of dog owners.  our goal is to sustain emotional, mental, and physical equilibrium for dogs and people by enriching the relationship between the two 





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