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frequently asked questions

is my dog a right fit for playgroups?

at the social club we don't judge a dog based on breed but rather on temperament and personality. each dog is assessed to see if they are a right fit for socialization with other social club dogs. if we aren't a good fit, we will leave you with a plan to get them on track for more intensive socialization in the future 

all dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations & socially inclined to join playgroups. safety is our #1 priority

what is your dog training philosophy?

we follow the lima (least intrusive minimally aversive) framework. we know dogs are impacted by our emotions. anxiety is contagious to dogs so remaining calm and patient during the process is crucial. here at tsc we think the best way to alleviate any anxiety and ensure dog owners are calm is if they are well-equipped with some educational info & a good support system along the way so they can confidently navigate sticky situations with their dog

which membership is right for me?

we'd love to help you navigate what service is best for you based on you and your dogs wants and needs. the goal is to make sure you co-exist in an environment where both of you are happy and healthy! email us at for help

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